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Attention Customers:
Hololens Technology Co., LTD is a Counterfeiter

It has come to our attention that a company located in Xiangzhou Dist. Zhuhai City, China (Hololens) who produces Fresnel lens films has obtained our Lens pattern books under false pretences and physically copied our lens elements from the pattern books.  These books were produced by WaveFront to help designers create unique and eye-catching packages.  It is clear to us that Hololens has devoted much time and effort to developing their counterfeiting skills to copy our products and then present them as their own.

Since we originate all of our own lenses by using a variety of proprietary techniques, we have recognizable process signatures built in to our micro features, enabling us to identify such thefts.  This unique feature has enabled us to quickly identify Hololens exploitation of our proprietary lenses used in their samples and products. 

They have used our lenses to not only create their catalog cover, but misrepresent Wavefront and our lamination partners product's as their own, as shown in their catalog. (See photos below) We know that our clients are honest and reputable and once informed of these thefts of our lenses, would not be interested in using Hololens products. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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